Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Welcome to my Blender, Modeling, Design and Render blog, this is my first real modelling and render produced using the powerful free open source 3D application called Blender.

The 3D room-set render below was produced as part of my BA (Hons) photography degree.

Thanks go to Ton Roosendaal and his development team for the incredibly powerful Blender open source software, also Brecht Van Lommel for coding the amazing new Cycles render engine.

6 weeks to get this far...
It has taken 6 weeks to produce this scene, the time includes learning Blender's interface, modelling tools, UV mapping (used for applying textures), physics engine (used for improving the soft furnishings) and new Cycles render engine with its node system.

There are 5 items in the scene that I didn't model due to degree time constraints.  Even so, those models were still adapted as follows...
  • Armchair (model split apart, fixed, UV textured, sculpted and new feet modelled)
  • Figurine, on window sill (lower base modelled, materials applied)
  • Flowers (adapted, simplified and materials applied)
  • Cornice (adapted, materials applied)
  • Intricate pattern (used and repeated to form part of my mirror frame model)

I carefully modelled, textured and created the surface materials for everything else.

My ultimate goal is to achieve photorealism.

Below is my main room-set reference photograph.

Thanks go to Graham Nelson at Set Visions for allowing me to prop, light and carry out the reference room-set photography within their studio.

For those who are interested here is a 'clay' render.

 Lastly, thank you minus.com for your excellent easy file hosting sharing service.


  1. The final Cycles render is flippin' AMAZING!!

  2. Hi Gnaws,

    Thank you for your kind comment!
    It is really encouraging and helpful to hear peoples feedback.