Monday, 5 December 2011

Modelling Showcase...

Today's Featured Model: Wooden chair with cushion

Thought it might be interesting to showcase some of the models I have created for use within the room-set scene, also some of the actual modelling stages.  Will post another one over the next few days...

Firstly the completed model.

Stage 1-3:

I actually found modelling to be quite relaxing, almost therapeutic, the feeling of creating something, the fact that it is virtual in this case doesn't seem to make a difference, it still feels quite rewarding.  These feelings of course greatly depend upon things progressing well, although even when things go wrong, problem solving can be satisfying.

1. To create the chair leg, I began by adding a plain cylinder, next added loop cuts where I wanted the details to be, selecting various loop cuts allowed me to scale some areas while leaving others, the closer the loop cuts the harder the angles.  The aim was to create a turned, lathed look and hopefully match the proportions of the chair in the photograph.

2. Another cylinder with loop cuts, edges tapered.

3. Previous part duplicated and used to form the central bar.

Stage 4-6:

4. Jumping ahead a little... I angled the leg, then used a 'Mirror' modifier to complete the chair legs, or so I thought!  Later found out, after looking at another photograph, that the back legs are angled differently to the front legs.  So instead applied the previous 'Mirror' modifier creating a front and back leg, adjusted the angles and used further 'Mirror' modifiers to duplicate the legs left to right.

5. From the previous image it was also possible to see that I had begun work on the seat.  Even though the chair (in the final render) is behind the door and not really clear on the web size version, I knew that the final render resolution might be quite high (for a large print), so I wanted to create the chair as accurately as possible, even to the point of (as can be seen on the next image) sculpting the seat.  Attention to detail is everything.

6. The chair is now starting to take shape, contrary to what you may think the pieces added here are not the chair back but armrest supports.

Stage 7-9:

7. To create the back I used a cylinder, rotated, compressed in size, top and bottom faces as well as some of the side vertices deleted, remaining sides scaled downwards.

8. The previous process leaves a back looking far too thin when viewed from the front, so I used a 'Solidify' modifier to provide form.

9. After angling the back, it is now starting to look like a chair.

Stage 10-12:

10. Chair arm modelling.

11. Check the chair arm looks okay before proceeding.

12. 'Mirror' modifier used to form the opposite chair arm.

Stage 13-14:

13. Simple cylinders added, scaled, angled and 'Mirror' modifiers used to form the chair back.

14. Central backrest created from a scaled cube, loop cuts added, parts scaled.  A cylinder added, scaled, positioned in the centre, then applied using a 'Boolean' modifier to create a hole in the middle of the central chair back.

Finally all modifiers were applied, a suitable Cycles material created, then I UV texture mapped all parts to give full control over the position of the wood bump maps.
Various parts were further tweaked, like position of the rings on the legs and armrest supports, plus the angle of legs and armrest supports to more closely match the real chair in the photograph.

To conserve space I won't go into details about the cushion creation, except to say that it was an interesting experience.

Overall, I feel quite happy with how the model turned out and as mentioned at the beginning, the model creation was both enjoyable and satisfying.


  1. Hey!
    Just had to say, I really admire your work in Blender and Cycles, and it's nice to see a fellow Brit around! Perhaps you could have a look at my blog, also blender related:

  2. Hi Jacob,

    Sorry it has taken time to reply, been extremely busy with degree work.

    Created, or tried to create, three room-set in total for the degree work Christmas hand in, I say "tried" because, due to the mentioned delta scaling problems, I lost nearly a week trying to find a method of repairing the files. In the end it was good news, created two completed and one partly completed room-sets.

    Thank you for your kind comments, will have a look (with interest) at your blog.

    Thank you,