Monday, 12 December 2011

Scandal and Corruption...

Well okay, just corruption!

If anyone was affected by recent versions of Blender, which suffered delta scaling problems, there is a solution to repair your files, read on.

There was a solution posted originally but I discovered that while it allowed damaged .blend files to be opened in new versions of Blender, if the same .blend file was opened in an older version of Blender, all objects were still scaled incorrectly and the scene appeared messed up.  So in effect, the file was only being interpreted to appear correctly in new versions of Blender but actually remained corrupt.

For some people this might be acceptable, but for me, producing work for my degree and having already invested a lot of time in my current room-set scene (new one, not yet shown) plus lots more work to do, I did not feel comfortable progressing knowing that the file was in effect, still corrupt.

As many of you may already be aware (if you read Blender Nation news), I thankfully was able to find a solution to repair files (process repeated below), once again they can be opened in any version of Blender and are correctly scaled.

Before the fix:  How my corrupted scene appears in older versions of Blender

There are a few steps to the repair solution.
  1. Open your corrupted .blend file in an older version of Blender (I found revision 42181 and revision 42195 works). Update: any version of Blender from before the delta scaling problem works but be aware that very old versions might mess up your Cycles nodes.

  2. In a python console window enter the line below, then press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard twice.
    for ob in ob.delta_scale = (0,0,0)

  3. Save your fixed .blend file with a different test name.
  4. Test the newly saved .blend file by opening it with Blender 2.60a, everything should appear correctly scaled. The fixed .blend file also displays correctly in new versions of Blender.
This method has worked for me (tested several times) and have now fully restored 5 of my corrupted .blend files.

After the fix:  (exactly the same view) the scene is scaled correctly and can once again be opened in any version of Blender

Hope this is helpful and works for others!

PS: Found a Blender revision 42195 Windows version available here, Linux and Mac users, sorry couldn't find that version for you, try for revisions before 42195.

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