Monday, 16 April 2012

Room-set 2...

Although not as complex as the first room-set, this was an interesting and challenging experience for reasons explained below.  The more observant among you will notice the scene is missing a few items.

"almost perfect room alignment"

3D room-set 2 render produced as part of my photography BA Honours.

Thanks once more to Ton and his development team for the incredibly powerful open source Blender software, also Brecht Van Lommel for the amazing Cycles render engine.

3.5 weeks to get this far...
Applying previously learned techniques I was able to model the room-set more rapidly.  Really wanted to finish this scene but unknowingly at the time, I was working with a version of Blender that suffered from the delta scaling bug, once discovered I decided to suspend production until a 'fix' could be found.  After the files were repaired, using the previously blog post mentioned solution, there simply was not enough time left to complete the scene before the course work hand in date, at least not without sacrificing creation of the third room-set.

As an indication of progress from the first room-set, this time I modelled everything except for the flower heads and leaves, this was mainly due complexity of models required within available time constraints.
  • Flower model (adapted, simplified and materials applied)

Overall, compared to the photograph, I was able to create an almost perfect room alignment this time, hopefully this is an indication of progress.

Once degree work is completed, I hope to be able to revisit the above scene to finish modelling and colour grading.


Some people have a dislike for photorealism, I am not opposing anyone's opinion here, everyone is entitled to their views.  From a personal perspective, I feel once something close to realism can be achieved, then anything becomes possible.  My second room-set certainly has a long way to go in that respect but as long as new techniques are constantly being learned, old ideas adapted and improved, then difficulties encountered actually become self-development building blocks. 

Below is my main room-set reference photograph.

 Thanks also go again to Graham Nelson at Set Visions for allowing me to photograph this room-set within their studio.

In keeping with a theme, here is a clay render for those who are interested.

Thanks to member liero for their very useful Blender Clay script.

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