Saturday, 28 April 2012

Room-set 3...

Or, as I lovingly call it, "28-7"

Room-set 3 render produced as part of my photography BA Honours.

Produced using the incredibly powerful Blender software and Cycles render engine.  Thanks to Ton, Brecht and the rest of the development team.

The reason for the alternative numeric title, two and a half days before the degree module (containing this room-set) was due for hand in I commenced work on this room-set, crazy?  certainly!  I stayed up 28 hours without sleep and managed to produce most of the room-set, although as I later discovered it contained many bugs, back to the alternative title. After modelling was completed (as much as could be within the time frame) I rendered the scene and handed in the work.  Not totally happy with the quickly produced room-set I decided to work on it further, for my own Blender advancement, in the end I worked on it for another 7 days, hence the 28-7 title.  At this point I was much happier with the room-set and wall colour compared to my reference photograph.

"28 hours without sleep"

Later, after learning more about Blender, I returned once more to this room-set to further tweak a few areas, namely to improve lighting, some materials also to further improve some of the models.  That brings us to the current version shown below.

My main room-set reference photograph.

Thanks once more to Graham Nelson of Set Visions for allowing me to photograph this room-set within their studio.

Side by side image comparison (may not show side by side on mobile devices).

I would just like to finish by saying, in no way do I promote staying up without sleep!

It is not a solution, or efficient method of getting more work done, even though it might seem like a good idea at the time, the reality is, work produced is often substandard.

For those interested, here is a Clay render.

Thanks also again to member liero for their very useful Blender Clay script.

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